Energy Management System
A Complete System for Homeowners

SolarEdge is the residential market leader in solar system management and has developed a whole home energy management solution that incorporates the following:

  • Power Optimizers on every panel, to insure that each panel is operating at maximum performance
  • SolarEdge’s newest HD-Wave inverters, utilizing a state-of-the-art design, better than any on the market
  • Integrated EV Level 2 charging
  • Integrated backup storage system using advanced LG Chem RENU batteries
  • Lifetime cloud-based monitoring system with mobile platforms for iPhone and Android users
SolarEdge Power Optimizer

The Power optimizer connects to each solar module on the roof enabling them to perform independently, providing greater energy harvest, enhanced safety, and constant feedback from each module.

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SolarEdge EV Charger
EV Charger

Using SolarEdge’s inverter-integrated EV charger in solar boost mode (grid – PV), enables electric vehicle charging up to six times faster than with a standard Level 2 charger. The integrated product means less hassle and reduced cost vs. installation of a standalone EV charger and PV inverter. The charger integrates seamlessly with the monitoring platform.

SolarEdge Inverter

The inverter is the brains of the entire solar operation and the most important element in maximizing the efficiency and functionality of your system. It efficiently collects and converts DC energy from the solar modules to AC electricity for use in the home. Small and lightweight, it’s ideal for indoor or outdoor installations. The inverter has an optional meter that can also be used to track energy consumption.
SolarEdge’s newest inverter innovation has revolutionized the standard inverter design, increasing efficiency while reducing size and weight. But most importantly, this new design has eliminated the components most associated with inverter failure, the electrolytic capacitors. This has increased the service lifetime and has allowed SolarEdge to offer a first-ever 25-year warranty for inverters.

SolarEdge Monitoring Platform
Monitoring Platform

Use SolarEdge’s online monitoring platform to view your system’s performance data and receive system alerts. The monitoring platform, which is free for the the system’s lifetime, offers easy access from mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

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