Services We Offer

Solar Monitoring Transfer

For customers of a previous installer who wish to move their service and monitoring to Sungenia. This is required before completing any onsite service work.

  • Transfer or set up of monitoring site
  • Facilitate transfer of manufacturer’s warranty of eligible equipment if necessary
  • Initial check of all details on monitoring site including system equipment, layout, access, and configurations
  • Remote diagnosis of some functions if applicable
  • Daily monitoring of system alerts
  • Assist with information on setting up communication connections, SDG&E, navigating their system and monitoring
  • Priority scheduling for service calls if/when necessary
  • Keep up-to-date serial numbers for accurate monitoring if changes or replacements occur
  • *For anything requiring a site visit, basic service rates apply*

For customers with a battery, an additional upgrade fee is required

  • Set up or unlocking of battery charges, if necessary
  • Manage battery profiles according to location and homeowner preferences

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