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At Sungenia, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solar and battery solutions to our community. As a veteran and family-owned business, we bring a commitment to integrity, reliability, and the highest quality workmanship to every project we undertake.

Our mission is to provide sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for our customers so that they can take control of their energy bill and protect against the rising utility costs. We take pride in our honest and transparent approach, ensuring that every client receives personalized service tailored to their unique needs. We understand that the transition to solar energy can seem complex, and that’s why we’re devoted to making the process as simple as possible for our clients. Our experienced team guides you through every step, from initial consultation to ongoing customer support, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

As staunch supporters of American-made products, we strive to utilize them whenever possible. Additionally, we are passionate about supporting our San Diego neighbors, with a special focus on our military, law enforcement, and first responder families. Through our work, we aim to create a positive impact on both the environment and the lives of those in our local community.

Our Story

In 2013, during the height of the solar boom, Dr. Michael Snell was investigating a solar system for his own home and was talking to several companies. But his years in scientific research and product development told him that he may not be getting the full story on solar and he needed to learn more. What he found was that there was indeed a lot of misinformation and “conventional wisdom” surrounding this rapidly growing industry.

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After attending solar trade shows and utility seminars, visiting solar manufacturing companies, and doing extensive research in the solar product area, Dr. Snell arrived at a solution and decided to install the system himself. What he learned in the process was that solar didn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming, and that there was indeed a better way to do things while still using the best equipment and practices in the industry.

Dr. Snell retired from the defense research industry and founded Sungenia Solar Solutions. To ensure that his solar systems were as high a quality as the homes he installed them on and that he could handle ANY home that came our way, Dr. Snell needed a partner in the construction industry and turned to Don Walter, a longtime friend and highly experienced general contractor of high-end custom homes. Don ensures that the finished system is one we would be proud to have on our own homes.

Several hundred installations later, Sungenia is now an established presence in San Diego County and has experience in every type of residential solar installation. That number may not impress you as being large, there are much bigger companies out there, but rest assured, we are second to none in industry knowledge, technology expertise, and quality of workmanship.

Sungenia Solar Team
Our Team

Discover the exceptional expertise and care embodied by the tight-knit team at Sungenia. Led by Founders, Mike Snell and Don Walter, our professionals bring unparalleled skill and craftsmanship to every solar installation. We take pride in delivering high-quality service and building lasting relationships with our clients.

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With many years of experience in the solar industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project. From initial consultation to installation and beyond, our team of seasoned professionals ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.

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