Frequently Asked Questions

I just got a notification that my system lost communication. What do I need to do?

This simply means that your inverter has stopped communicating with your internet and cannot update the monitoring system. Most likely, your system is still working just fine, and the inverter can hold up to a month’s worth of production data that will backfill once back online. Determine what kind of connection you have established and take a look at our communications troubleshooting guide.

Do you offer a cleaning service for my panels?

No, we don’t. Although most window washing companies off solar panel cleaning, we highly recommend a local, family-run business.

McCormick’s Window Cleaning.

Why is SDG&E still sending me a bill?

Your bill should now be divided into two – your gas bill and your electric bill. You will still receive both bills every month so that you can keep track of your consumption. However, you only continue to pay your gas bill each month. You pay your electric bill once at the end of the year cycle after PTO. This is called your “True-Up” bill.

What SDG&E rate structure should I choose?

If you are part of NEM 2.0, for most residences, we highly recommend you pick TOU-DR. This will give you the most savings as it has the lowest differential between time periods. Of course, this depends on your unique situation and may be different for EV owners, CARE customers, etc. For more information, click here for a comparison chart.

I want to add more panels to my system. Where do I start?

Similar to your initial install, we’ll want to determine how much more production you will need to keep up with your consumption. Send us your latest electric bill and we can recommend the right solution for you. We do our best to keep your array uniform and will search for similar (if not the same) panels for your addition.

I need to have my roof replaced. Do you have a roofer that you recommend?

We work closely with a few roofing companies that we trust completely. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to refer you to one of them. However, if you already have a roofer in mind, we are more than happy to collaborate with them as we have worked well with many roofing companies over the years.

How much will it cost to remove and replace the panels while I am having my roof replaced or repaired?

The cost to remove and replace panels is typically anywhere from $150-250 per panel. It depends on several factors, including roof type, how many stories, total panels, and the reusability of the racking and mounts.

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